HIV/AIDS, Pitfalls in Healthcare for the LBGTQ community, and Wagnerism

Before the Trump presidency and Black Lives Matter, Gay Writer and Physician Larry Mass on the pains of assimilation

Assimilation yields much that's positive, but the more oppressed and stigmatized a subculture, such as blacks and gays have been historically, the greater the sense of community. With assimilation, subcultural identity is weakened. None of us wants to go back to being outlaws, nor do we want to be separatists, but the more diluted we are by the mainstream, the less invested we become in identity politics. That can be dangerous during reactionary times like the present, when minorities need to once again stand together and with each other in self-defense and solidarity. The Black Panthers were necessary in time and place. The time for comparable minority community organizing is once again upon us.


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